Massage Therapy & Treatments

A lot of people turn to massage for stress relief or for relaxation; however, it's benefits and healing powers go a good deal further. At Las Manos Therapeutic Massage, Colleen and William concentrate on alleviating pain, increasing Range of Motion  and helping you maintain a natural balance physically and mentally.

Our clients range in age from their 20's to 80's, but they all have the same goal....being as comfortable in their body as possible. That original problem may range from an athletic injury, surgery, a difficult pregnancy, arthritis, diseases such as Parkinson's or simply being "out of shape". In every case, our treatment focus will utilize the best treatments and modalities to resolve your issues quickly, with long-lasting results.

All sessions include specific work on your issues, plus foot, hand, scalp and face massage for deep relaxation.

Therapy Rates & Session Information

All sessions are hands on and are for the full allotment of time. Sessions are scheduled for 60 and 90 minutes. Our rates are $60 for one hour and $85 for 90 minutes. Insurance and doctor referrals are accepted.

Recent News

Las Manos will be providing FREE Chair Massage at the 9Health Fair at the High School , Saturday April 2 from 7-11 AM....see you there