Our clients, some of whom are pictured above, have been regulars for a number of years. Their comments are the most accurate way of learning about the effectiveness of our work and our dedication to their ongoing health and comfort.

I have been going to Colleen for massages since last September following my second spinal fusion. Colleen has worked wonders on my neck, back and SI Joint. When I first went to her, my neck was rock hard and I didn't think it would ever feel better. Since that first session, I've gained range of motion, have reduced headaches and lower pain levels thanks to her healing touch. She always seems to know what my body needs. Colleen has not only helped me on my path to healing, but she has been kind and compassionate as I deal with additional health issues and chronic pain. When my body needs a sacred touch, she always seems to be able to fit me in. I would recommend her without hesitation.                                                   Andrea Helaine, Buena Vista CO

I first went to Las Manos in March of 2012. I was having serious pain in several areas and was having difficulty walking. William was able to work deeply into my painand I've experienced great relief every session. William has accompanied me to a couple of my medical appointments and even my knee replacement surgery and has discussed my treatments to determine the best approach in dealing with my personal situation. My mobility and range of motion have improved with regular sessions, and my day-to-day pain has lessened significantly. My pain causes me to walk hunched over, and I always felt I was shorter than William. But one day after a session, William commented that I had straightened up so much that I was taller than him. That feeling of being my true height has made a huge difference in my outlook for the future.                                                 Anthony Sanchez, Buena Vista CO