Our Story

Las Manos Massage, "The Hands"  is Colleen Finley and William McQueen, a husband and wife team that has been massaging together since 1996. We are dedicated to providing our clients with personalized treatments in a friendly and welcoming environment. We built our studio ourselves, and have created a warm and relaxing environment that is more like a living-room than a clinic. There are two private treatment rooms, so we can also massage couples at the same time. Both rooms are decorated with beautiful art from local artists/friends, and Colleen's room and the reception area have orchids and lots of happy plants.

Both Colleen and William are state licensed and insured, as well as receiving advanced training and certifications. It's important to continue learning and advancing our skills as it makes us better practitioners and health facilitators. After all, healing and promoting healthy living is what our massage therapy world is about.

We work closely with local medical professionals to design the best treatment for you. Whether you work with your MD, DO, acupuncturist,  Chiropractor, surgeon or PT, we will be diligent in working with them to get you the best possible outcome.